A Case of Autosomal Dominant Bilateral Familial Aniridia

Bilateral Familial Aniridia


  • Kinjal Mehta Gujarat
  • Nikhil Rupala
  • Kavita Shah


  Aniridia is a familial or sporadic disorder affecting not only the iris but also the cornea, angle  structures, lens, optic nerve, and fovea. This disorder may be associated with many other systemic abnormalities such as urogenital malignancies. We report a family of aniridia with different clinical spectrum of features.




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Mehta, K., Nikhil Rupala, & Kavita Shah. (2021). A Case of Autosomal Dominant Bilateral Familial Aniridia: Bilateral Familial Aniridia. GAIMS Journal of Medical Sciences, 1(1 (December), 49–51. Retrieved from http://gjms.gaims.ac.in/ojs/index.php/gjms/article/view/15