Pediatric Lines and Tubes: What Radiologists must Know

Pediatric Lines and Tubes


  • Kishan Patel Resident
  • Shivam Kotak
  • Bhaven Shah
  • Jignesh Shah


Radiographs are very useful for evaluation of various support and monitoring devices in pediatric patients. This review article focuses on the ideal locations of the tips of these tubes and catheters, as well as the consequences of malpositioning. Clinical outcome of patients can be affected by the placement of these support devices. Thus the radiologist has animportant role in detecting such malpositioned devices for prompt revisions or removal.




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Patel, K., Shivam Kotak, Bhaven Shah, & Jignesh Shah. (2021). Pediatric Lines and Tubes: What Radiologists must Know: Pediatric Lines and Tubes. GAIMS Journal of Medical Sciences, 1(1 (December), 52–55. Retrieved from